Panorama of Robert Greene and his Thesis art
Artist, Teacher & Tree Hugger

A wise man and fellow artist, once gave me a moment of his time and discussed the importance of following your passion. Some people, he believed, are put on this earth to do one thing, one thing that they love and excel at, and simply must do in order to remain true to themselves. This man, now in his early fifties, told me of some of the hardships he and his wife endured so that he could do this one thing. He shared with me the story that prior to his success he had thirty dollars to his name. Jud Hartmann is now a well-respected figurative sculptor with several of his own galleries. He said, Follow your dreams; if you don’t you will never know true happiness. If you don’t attempt to do what you were made to do, then you are denying the gifts given to you.

I am a maker who took his words to heart